Exosomes PRP Hair Restoration

Strengthen Your Thinning Hair with Exosomes PRP Hair Restoration

While women tend to get the most attention when it comes aesthetic enhancement procedures, one of the most common issues associated with men is progressive hair loss. This type of progressive hair loss, often known as male pattern baldness is usually considered a product of aging – however, despite this fact hair loss issues can affect men of almost any age – with some patients being as young as their late teens or early twenties! For years scientists, doctors, and patients have been searching for solutions to reverse the aging process that affects so many men and even women around the globe – yet to little or no positive results. And while some procedures make progress here and there, the vast majority of trendy procedures to treat hair loss end up falling short when it truly counts. However, according to Dr. Richard Swift, the best plastic surgeon NYC has to offer, recently many patients have been able to find quite a bit of success with one procedure known as exosomes PRP hair restoration or sometimes known as exosome therapy.

The truth is that exosome therapy has been around for some years, however research has never gone as in depth as it has in recently – allowing many patients to find success. And despite how successful it has proven to be in recent years, many patients suffering from lost or thinning hair have never even heard about this amazingly effective method of treatment. When it comes to exosomes PRP hair restoration, it can be quite confusing to understand how exactly it work. According to Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon NYC has for hair restoration, the procedure consists of localized injections of an exosome serum into the scalp. This enables the cells in a patient’s scalp to generate their own exosomes, which ca then potentially activate the regenerative process. This is quite similar to the process of Selphyl hair restoration a more efficient take on PRP therapy for the scalp. Beginning with a local anesthesia, Dr. Swift will then carefully inject exosomes into the superficial area of the scalp known as the dermis – the inner action layer of the skin, where hair follicles are essentially embedded. Often, this treatment like Selphyl hair restoration, may be combined with non-surgical hair transplant surgery to facilitate the precise targeting of the follicles that need stimulation so that hair density may be improved in the area that needs it most.

The fact is that while exosomes PRP hair restoration was formulated with men, and male pattern baldness in mind, it can offer women similar hair restoration benefits. Generally, this procedure can work on any patient with an overall healthy immune system and someone who still has existing, yet damaged or somewhat barren, hair follicles. The main benefit of NYC Exosome therapy for hair loss is that it targets the root cause of aging. By attempting to rejuvenate the patient’s follicles, this treatment may potentially reverse the aging process. This is an important thing to understand – this procedure method works best for those patients with thinning hair and again, those who still have hair follicles existing that simply may not be “working” at the time.

The best part about an exosomes therapy procedure is that patients can generally resume their daily activities the day after the treatment. The scalp may feel sensitive for about a week after. To support the natural healing process, it is recommended to refrain from intense physical exercise for at least a week. The results of this treatment also depend on genetics, age, and other external conditions. The full benefits of exosome therapy are typically visible after a period of several months. The procedure, being similar to Selphyl hair restoration, also uses PRP or platelet rich plasma as a catalyzing agent to grow your hair, however, the procedure provides the added benefit of exosome cells – and the two methods will essentially play off one another, ensuring even better results than either method on its own. As the best plastic surgeon NYC has to offer, Dr. Swift prefers the use of Selphyl to create the PRP or PRFM, the platelet rich fibrinogen matrix as it essentially creates a far more potent type of PRP solution when mixed with the patients’ blood plasma. This essentially creates a more efficient, highly effective version of PRP. Some of the most prominent benefits patients can expect include:

· Addressing the root cause of hair loss issues.

· Non-surgical and minimally invasive.

· Hair transplants are required, but some patients might want to have them done, as use this procedure as a catalyst to enhance the results.

· Results that can long quite a long time, and solidly, natural appearing results.

· Minimal down time.

The fact is that hair loss is a huge deal these days, and Dr. Swift has got the right combination to provide patients the results they’ve been after for years. To learn more or to schedule a consult, be sure to contact DR. SWIFT today.

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