Buccal Fat Removal Surgery NYC

Why are Asian Patients Good Candidates for Buccal Fat Pad Removal Surgery?

Aging is simply a fact of life and something you can’t fight, at the end of the day we all will experience the effects of aging – from the wrinkling and sagging skin to discolorations and facial hollows the effects of time are the number one issue the aesthetics industry is attempting to combat. However, while aging is certainly a primary concern, genetics also play a key role in our overall appearance and our facial contouring. Depending on an individual’s family history and ethnicity, they are often far more prone to certain issues than others. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the top plastic surgeon NYC has in practice, one of the best examples of this is the presence of excess buccal fat in individuals of Asian descent and heritage. When it comes to buccal fat removal surgery NYC experts like Dr. Swift, have seen a sharp increase in patients of Asian descent taking on this procedure to combat the buildup of fatty tissue in such areas. This procedure is often known as an Asian facelift as well, and while the two are technically different procedures, during an Asian facelift, patients will often have contouring and unwanted fat removed from their buccal region as well. And as Asian or Chinese buccal fat removal becomes more and more prevalent amongst patients, it’s important for those interested in such plastic surgery options to educate themselves as much as possible before deciding whether or not to have it done themselves. Despite its popularity in recent years, not many individuals of Asian descent are aware that there are options for treatment, in this article, we will be going over the Asian or Korean buccal fat removal and educating patients on why they might be a good candidate for such a procedure.

According to Dr. Richard Swift, the top surgeon for Asian buccal fat pad removal NYC has in practice, it’s important for Asian patients and others as well, to understand what makes them a good candidate for such a procedure. Before we delve deeper, it’s important to understand the genetic components at play here. Those individuals of Asian descent tend to have thicker and denser facial skin, this is quite a positive when it comes to aging, as hollowing of the skin is one of the most common issues amongst non-Asian patients. In conjunction with Asian or Chinese buccal fat removal surgery NYC experts will often perform an Asian facelift to treat sagging or drooping tissue around the face and neck. And due to the increased buccal fat, it is likely that during such a procedure, experts like Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for Asian buccal fat pad removal NYC has to offer, will perform Asian or Korean buccal fat removal in conjunction.

Are You a Good Candidate?

For individuals of Asian descent, the cheek area tends to be a particular area of concern and can become especially worse as the individual ages. This is because as we age, our skin begins to thin, and hollow, and while the patient may not have realized the excess size of their buccal region in the past, as the skin tends to hollow in the surrounding areas, the cheek region will become especially prevalent. With the total procedure, patients can achieve an entirely refreshed renewed look, that will help correct any sagging or drooping skin while giving them far improved facial contours and an overall streamlined look. According to Dr. Swift, the top plastic surgeon NYC has in practice, other than being of Asian descent, some of the other factors for being a good candidate, are being in good overall physical health, being in good mental health to have surgery, understanding what is possible through such a procedure and what isn’t, and being a non-smoker is highly important when deciding to undergo any form of plastic surgery – especially facial plastic surgery. Other than that a good candidate for Asian or Chinese buccal fat removal is simply someone who has the presence of excess cheek fat tissue, that causes their face to lose its proper contouring and those that are experiencing unwanted signs of facial aging.

Asian Facelift and Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

Considering that patients of Asian descent tend to have thicker, heavier facial skin, the Asian facelift is a deeper approach than a conventional facelift procedure. Depending on the specific needs of the patient, the procedure might begin as low as the neck and can continue onto the upper forehead area. The main difference between this and a conventional facelift is that your surgeon will likely have to delve deeper into the skin as it is thicker and denser. During the Asian facelift as we mentioned, surgeons will also tackle the buccal fat pad area as well. This will create a much improved, more streamlined look overall for patients as well. Especially for those who might have a fuller, more round, even chubby cheek area – especially when this area becomes more prominent with age. It’s important to understand that the buccal fat pads are almost entirely genetic and someone can be thin all over, and still have quite a large amount of buccal fat. For more information on buccal fat removal and the Asian facelift be sure to contact Dr. Richard Swift today.

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