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Neck Lift Versus Facelift

As we get older, and our skin gets more and more exposure to the elements and conditions of our environment, we unfortunately began to suffer from unwanted blemishes, wrinkles, facial discolorations and quite a few more unwanted cosmetic concerns. The fact is that no matter how hard we might fight it, father time is forever undefeated and while you may certainly be able to attain small wins here and there, the fact is that no matter how involved your skincare regimen might be, no matter how rich you are, and no matter how careful and thorough you are when it comes to skincare – there is no way to fight against aging, and its relatively futile just to try. However, while we certainly can’t compete against aging as a whole, we can however help to mitigate whatever symptoms of aging might occur, hoping that we can somewhat stifle the and slow down the aging process along our skin. In fact, according to Dr. Richard Swift, a top neck lift specialist, and cosmetic surgeon, as we get older, some of the most common issues include:

· Loss of Skin Elasticity

· Added Wrinkles & Fine Lines

· Skin Discolorations

· Double Chin

· Overly Developed Jowls

· Presence of Dull, Dry, Dead Skin Cells

The fact is that while these issues are relatively impossible to combat using natural, non-surgical means, you can certainly help to slow them down by using things like injectable dermal fillers, chemical peels, and more. However, according to top neck lift specialist, Dr. Swift, for the vast majority of patients it will take some method of facial rejuvenation surgery. Depending on the precise location however, this can mean that the patient requires either a neck lift, facelift, or possibly a lower or what’s often referred to as a mini facelift. Interestingly enough, both of these procedures can outline the specific issues you might be in need of, however despite the fact that both procedures focus on rejuvenating the lower face and neck, each treatment targets its own particular areas. According to neck lift specialist, Dr. Swift, theneck lift addresses the neck by removing excess skin and fat from the jowls and under the jaw, while tightening the neck muscles to reduce sagging. A facelift eliminates excess skin and fat on the mid and lower face to improve the cheeks, jawline, and mouth.

In other words, a facelift addresses all of the aspects that a neck lift does, but also reduces wrinkles and sagging skin around the cheeks and mouth. At times, both procedures are accompanied by fat that is taken from the thighs or tummy and injected to areas on the face that show loss of volume. Using unwanted fat from the thighs or tummy and placing it in the face also helps to keep the more youthful look longer. This is why a cosmetic consultation can be vital, as it often takes the help of an expert or specialist to be able to explain the differences between two common procedures or treatments in person. Once your personal preferences are taken into account, the consultation can help you to determine which procedure is best suited towards your specific needs. A facelift and neck lift are very effective in restoring a more refreshed and youthful look. However, if you are primarily interested in diminishing just fine wrinkles or restoring loss of volume in the face alone, non-invasive treatments may be performed instead. Dr. Swift’s practicealso offers a wide variety of injectables and fillers that can provide you with satisfying results in conjunction to a full-fledged surgical procedure. Not only would injectable dermal fillers and similar procedures be a helpful alternative but they can often offer patientsa positive supplement to their initial surgical procedure – whether that’s a facelift or a neck lift. Some of the most common injectable treatments to use include:

· Botox, Dysport & More (Neuromodulator Toxins)

· Restylane

· Juvéderm

· Radiesse

While surgical and non-surgical methods can certainly provide you with the help you need, its vital that you consult with your surgeon and decide what works best for you. For more information on the neck lift or any other facial plastic surgery, be sure to contact Dr. Swift today.

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