How to Maintain Your Cosmetic Surgery Results Long-Term

As one of NYC’s most well-regarded cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Richard Swift, deals with a host of patients, all seeking different means of cosmetic enhancements. From common procedures such as breast lifts, or “tummy tucks”, to more trendy, new, procedures like a labiaplasty or fat transfer. Regardless of what type of procedure or cosmetic correction a patient is seeking, the most common question Dr. Richard Swift is asked, is “How to Maintain the Results Gained from a Cosmetic Procedure, Long-Term?” The answers are fairly straightforward.

Dr. Richard Swift advises his patients to look at plastic surgery or cosmetic correction as an investment. As they are investing usually a decent amount of money on their physical appearance. And like any other investment they want it to bear fruit with time, and letting your results go to waste is similar to flushing the money spent down the toilet! It is important for patients to realize that in order to keep the results achieved through surgery, they must try to stay in shape, and use less-invasive, healthy means to maintain their looks, and fight off issues like aging, poor genetics, and bad lifestyle habits.

In order for patients to maintain the results gained from cosmetic surgery Dr. Richard Swift recommends the following tips.

Follow a Healthy Diet & Exercise Plan!
This is one of the biggest keys, and quite possibly the simplest for patients to understand. In order to maintain the results that patients achieve through surgery the best thing they can do is eat healthy, avoid fatty, processed foods, and follow a healthy positive workout plan. Many procedures are done to remove fat and improve body toning, however the results that patients achieve can be counteracted by gaining excess weight after surgery. Dr. Richard Swift also advises those patients who have undergone any type of surgical lifting procedure to avoid any type of activity or unhealthy lifestyle that will stretch the skin out even more. As this counteracts the results achieved through surgery. The best thing a patient can do following any type of cosmetic procedure is to maintain a healthy weight, by following a healthy, approved diet and workout plan.

Create Healthy Lifestyle Habits and Maintain Them for Life!
Dr. Richard Swift reminds patients about the phrase, “You are what you eat”. As humans, we are made up of the type of things we put into our bodies. As well as the type of lifestyle habits we follow, and the things we do on a regular basis. Things like smoking, drinking, late-night partying, or lack of rest can all negatively impact the results you achieve from cosmetic surgery and should be remedied!

Follow Proper Skin Care Habits!
One of the simplest things plastic surgeons like Dr. Richard Swift advises their patients is to follow and practice good skincare habits. Firstly, scarring is an issue that almost every cosmetic patient must have to deal with following a cosmetic procedure. And it is important to take the proper time and effort to allows these surgical incisions to properly heal. You may also be advised to use certain topical ointments or anti-scar creams. No matter what type of surgical procedure you get performed, the simplest way to maintain your results as well as an aesthetic appearance in general, is through proper skincare and proper skincare habits!

If you’re looking to consult with one of NYC’s best cosmetic surgeons, make sure to contact Dr. Richard Swift today! You can reach his office at (212) 828-9906.

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