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Improve Chest Contours This Fall with Gynecomastia Surgery

Male plastic surgery has become more prominent than ever before in 2022, and with good reason! Procedures in aesthetic enhancement have come a long way over the years, and there are now so many new procedures and treatments out there catered to meet the needs of men specifically. One of the most common issues men can address through aesthetic enhancement surgery is gynecomastia, or the presence of excess breast tissue. It’s a major issue for many men and there are many reasons it can occur. According to Dr. Swift, the top gynecomastia specialist NJ has in practice, it can occur due to heredity, or at puberty due to hormonal changes. Oftentime men who use medication or suffer from issues that might affect their hormones and testosterone production, they might develop gynecomastia. There are many benefits to gynecomastia surgery and reasons why men should consider it. In this article, we will be going over some of the most common.

Benefits to Gynecomastia Surgery
As who many consider to be the best plastic surgeon Midtown NYC has in practice, Dr. Swift has been performing gynecomastia surgery for many years now, and achieving amazing results all the while. There are many reasons why patients should consider gynecomastia surgery, including:

A More Masculine Physique
One of the main issues with gynecomastia is that the additional breast tissue can give men a less masculine overall body appearance. And for many men this is a major issue. According to Dr. Swift, the best gynecomastia specialist NJ has to offer, gynecomastia surgery works to eliminate excessive fatty tissues from the breast. The result is a more sculpted physical appearance.

Boost Confidence & Self Esteem
Oftentimes, the breast tissue is highly resistant to diet and exercise and has little to no effect on the presence of gynecomastia issues. This is why surgery is a common answer for men suffering from this condition. The physical change can help men to have an immense confidence boost and drastically improve their self esteem.

Improves Posture
One of the most common issues, usually heard in women, due to added fatty tissue along the chest area is posture issues. And men aren’t resistant to such issues. Having gynecomastia surgery NYC patients can reduce the size and improve the contours of the chest – which can drastically improve your posture as well.

Clothing Options
Male clothing is designed to show off the chest area and show the contours of a masculine chest. Often, men suffering from gynecomastia will feel uncomfortable wearing such clothing and will opt for baggier options. Streamlining the chest means you will have way more confidence to wear what you like.

For more information on gynecomastia surgery and more, be sure to contact Dr. Swift today,

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