Asian Buccal Fat Removal NYC

Facial Rejuvenation Surgery for Asian Patients: Buccal Fat Removal with Rhinoplasty

Across the world, aesthetic enhancement surgery is rapidly gaining popularity – day by day. And just when you think we have reached a new peak in terms of popularity, we see more and more men and women not only looking into different procedures but actually going through with them! And one of the fastest-growing segments in plastic surgery, according to Dr. Richard Swift the best plastic surgeon NYC has to offer, is Asians and Asian-Americans, regardless of age, gender or status! While much of today’s hoopla is directed towards body procedures like the Brazilian butt lift or breast augmentation, facial rejuvenation surgery for Asian patients has become a massive trend. While Asian culture has always been one in which beauty and cosmetics are taken quite seriously, surgical enhancement was seen as somewhat of a negative. However, with the rise of social media, and the internet as a whole, discussions on plastic surgery have become far more open and individuals across the world are far more educated on things and realize it has become far safer, more affordable, and more effective than it ever has in years. When it comes to patients who are Asian buccal fat removal has become one of the most in-demand procedures, often used in conjunction with other procedures to enhance the contours and overall look to the face. Often with Asian buccal fat removal patients will have procedures like eyelid surgery, chin augmentation, and even rhinoplasties. In this article, we will be going over patients having buccal fat removal in conjunction with nose surgery and helping to educate patients on what they should know about such methods.

Full Facial Rejuvenation

The face is by far one of the most important aspects of our overall look and appearance. Not only is it the first thing most people see when they look at you, but it’s also a window into our emotions and feelings, as facial expressions can often tell a lot more than any sentence ever could. And changing one aspect of one’s face can often throw off other aspects, and this will drastically alter one’s facial harmony or overall appearance. This is why when it comes to Asian or Chinese buccal fat removal, patients will often have this procedure done in conjunction with a rhinoplasty, considering the proximity of the nose and cheeks and how they play off one another. Full facial rejuvenation surgery for Asian patients has become quite popular in both the US, Europe, and parts of Asia and may take into account other areas such as the eyelids, chin, forehead, and more. For such a procedure the nose is often a good place to start, as it is the centerpiece of the face and dictates a lot of our overall look.

Nose Surgery

For nasal surgery amongst Asian patients, according to Dr. Swift, considered the best plastic surgeon NYC has to offer, some of the most common issues are an uneven nose bridge, particularly between the eye area, a drooping nasal tip, and widened nostrils. Especially when done in conjunction with other procedures like Asian or Korean buccal fat removal, most surgeons will want to keep the trauma to a minimum and make as few incisions as possible. But depending on the patient’s specific case, they may either have additional tissue added via an implant for the bridge or have some tissue removed – this will even out the nasal bridge. Then for the tip area, where Asians tend to experience drooping, often cartilage implants will be used to give it a bolder look. The nostrils can also be widened or narrowed as needed, generally using the least invasive measures possible.

Asian Buccal Fat Removal

For many patients, of Asian descent, facial features are relatively common. And while there is some variation, of course, in most cases, according to Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon for Korean buccal fat removal NYC has in practice, many Asian patients tend to suffer from the same excess fatty tissue padding along their cheek hollows. Amongst any race but particularly for Asian or Chinese buccal fat removal, it’s important to understand that the cheek fat gives patients a youthful appearance to the face. This fat shrinks with aging, commonly known as facial volume loss.For many patients whose family history shows the persistence of fat despite the aging process, and the appearance of unwanted, chubby cheeks during their youth, Asian buccal fat removal surgery is a great option. The procedure is simple, and after being anesthetized, the patient’s cheek fat pads will be removed partially or fully, depending on their needs. This creates a more streamlined, well-contoured, thin, trim face shape.

When combined with rhinoplasty, Asian buccal fat removal can help patients to completely revamp their look and play off their existing natural features. For more information on such procedures, be sure to contact Dr. Richard Swift today.

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