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What Should You Know About Tummy Tuck Recovery?

Over the years, we have seen am incredible rise in the popularity of aesthetic enhancement surgery. In today’s modern world, more men and women than ever before are willing to go under the knife in order to have elective plastic surgery, and there are a number of different reasons for this. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the best plastic surgeon Nassau County has to offer, much of this increase in popularity is a result of the internet and social media. Perusing social media platforms like instagram or TikTok for even a few minutes, you can easily find some of your favorite celebrities and influencers flaunting their amazing bodies online. And while in years past there might have been whispers here and there about possible work these women might have had, in today’s world, many influencers are open and honest about the surgical enhancements they have had done – some going as far as to tag their surgeons and even providing promotional posts for the practice where they got their BBL or breast augmentation done! And when it comes to other procedures such as liposuction or a tummy tuck Nassau County women are far more willing to have procedures done after seeing their favorite celebs admitting to having surgery done as well. Another point Dr. Swift, the best surgeon for a tummy tuck Great Neck has to offer, makes is that because the conversation has become far more open, and technology and techniques have advanced so much, procedures aren’t as exclusive as they once were, and regular everyday women have access to the very same quality level surgeons that celebrities do! Having performed countless procedures for body contouring Nassau County expert Dr. Swift has been able to help countless women to attain their ideal body using such procedures. And as body contouring as a whole has become so prevalent, one of the most popular procedures in recent years has been the tummy tuck. Otherwise known as an abdominoplasty, having a tummy tuck Great Neck women are able to achieve a thin, trim, well-contoured midsection fast and easy with fewer issues and side effects. Despite the popularity of this procedure, many patients aren’t as educated on the recovery period that’s involved. Therefore, in this article, we will be going over some important facts to know about the recovery period of a tummy tuck.

Recovery Periods Vary

According to Dr. Swift, the best surgeon for a tummy tuck Nassau County has to offer, one of the most common questions that patients will ask in regards to tummy tuck recovery is how long will it take for them to heal up. This is a very difficult question to answer, as recovery periods can vary a lot patient to patient. Like any procedure for body contouring Nassau County surgeons like Dr. Swift will often give a general time frame for things, but depending upon your age, general health, the type of tummy tuck you are having, and the level of post-surgical care you put into your recovery – this can drastically affect the amount of recovery time involved. In general you can expect to have about an 8-week recovery period but sometimes it will take longer.

The Type of Tummy Tuck

It’s important to understand, according to Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon Nassau County has to offer, that there are several type of tummy tucks or abdominoplasties that you can have done. You can get a full or more involved “extended tummy tuck,” or you can get a “mini” tuck, which only focuses on a small area in the lower abdomen.The more extensive your abdominal contouring is, the longer it may take to recover fully. This is especially true if you opt for an extended tummy tuck because these can involve the flanks, lower back and lower chest.

Immediately After Surgery

Immediately following a tummy tuck Old Westbury surgeons like Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for a tummy tuck Old Westbury has to offer, will warn you that the majority of the abdomen will be covered with surgical dressing. And in many cases, there will be thin, small tubes that are known as drains in order to drain any unwanted fluids and reduce swelling that may build up within the area. This is common and shouldn’t cause you any additional discomfort. You will need to rest at an angle for the first few days of recovery and will be given instructions to move about to help prevent any blood clots.

Help at Home

One of the most important factors according to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for a tummy tuck Old Westbury has to offer, is lining up someone either a friend or family member or even a home health aide, who can help with daily tasks and chores for the first few days of your recovery. Most patients will likely be in bed for these crucial first days of recovery – will be prescribed pain medications and have somewhat limited mobility, so you will not be able to drive yourself home. Its vital that you take time off work, school or other daily responsibilities as you will likely have difficulty with bending, lifting or standing for prolonged periods of time, so having someone to help around the house during the initial period after tummy tuck surgery can make recovery significantly easier.

For more information on tummy tucks and other procedures, be sure to contact Dr. Swift today.

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