Flying in for Aesthetic Surgery

Patients from Abroad!
As one of NYC’s premier aesthetic surgery specialists, Dr. Richard Swift has been assisting New Yorkers to achieve their cosmetic goals for decades now! One of the top names in plastic surgery, Dr. Swift’s reputation proceeds him and is the reason countless patients from across the world visit him for their aesthetic enhancement needs!

From body contouring procedures like liposuction, breast augmentation, and more to facial plastic surgery methods like the facelift, buccal fat removal, and countless non-invasive methods like dermal fillers and Botox – Dr. Swift strives to provide patients with the highest level of aesthetic enhancement available across NYC, and has a patient list that extends far and wide, across multiple parts of the US and abroad!

Planning and Outside Patient Protocols
Having aesthetic enhancement surgery isn’t a simple task and something that takes hours and planning and thought. Having any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure done is a big decision and something you need to adequately think about and plan. And while it might be difficult enough for those living in NYC, its made exponentially more difficult for those living abroad and having surgery done outside their home state or country. But thanks to Dr. Swift, and his amazing staff, the process has been made simpler and more efficient than ever before! In addition to the high-level aesthetic services he offered, he and his team will handle any logistics and pertinent planning needed for your aesthetic journey! From travel accommodations to hotels and lodging, and most importantly your entire recovery journey and any needs you might have during your stay in NYC.

Dr. Swift makes the process of flying in for surgery simpler and easier than ever before. It can be done in a few simple steps.

Your Consultation
One of the most important steps to any aesthetic enhancement procedure is consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Swift and his team will be able to carefully look over your face and body, and get a better idea of your aesthetic needs. He will be able to properly judge your current aesthetic condition, and decide if you are a valid candidate for surgery and what procedures might be best for you! For patients arriving from another state or country, there are multiple options for their consultation. Patients can either fly in from abroad and have an in-person consultation, or can even have a virtual consultation.

Scheduling Your Procedure
Once you have successfully completed your consultation, and Dr. Swift has judged your candidacy as a patient, it is time to schedule and plan out your actual procedure. Dr. Swift and his team will work out logistics for travel and more, as well as to schedule a time and place for your procedure. Once this is completed, it is time for your surgery to take place.

Aesthetic enhancement surgery is a big decision, and for those flying in for surgery, it’s important to ensure you have the right surgeon on your side. Dr. Swift has helped countless patients flying in from other states, and abroad to realize their aesthetic goals and he can help you too! To begin the process, and get started on your journey, be sure to contact Dr. Swift and his team today!

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