Gynecomastia Treatment NYC

4 Important Things to Consider Before Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is one of the most common aesthetic issues amongst men – and the leading cause for men to seek out plastic surgery. This all-too-common issue amongst men is often considered a minor concern and thought to be “not a big deal” – however, for most men this condition can lead to issues both mental and physical – drastically sapping their confidence and self-esteem. This is a major reason Dr. Richard Swift and his team recommend patients undergo gynecomastia surgery, sometimes even known as male breast reduction. Before going through with this or any other surgery for that matter, Dr. Swift always reminds his patients there are some very important things they must consider – as no matter how routine, and how minimally-invasive a procedure might be, surgery is still surgery!

· Cost

Like all surgical procedures, gynecomastia surgery isn’t cheap by any standard. Of course, Dr. Richard Swift and his team offer their patients some of the most competitive prices across NYC and are always willing to work with their patients when it comes to finances – it is still something very important to consider. While some individuals might feel it is vital to improve both their physical appearance and overall confidence, just be sure that you are not mortgaging your future and financial security just to pay for a procedure.

· Recovery Time

Another important consideration to make when you are considering gynecomastia surgery is the amount of time you will need to put towards the recovery process and overall healing. Since this procedure involves the cutting of flesh, you are at potential risk of infection. It is imperative post-surgery, to follow the directions as guided by your surgeon for the best chance at a healthy recovery. There will be significant pain for the first few days following the procedure, and typically 4-6 weeks downtime is needed to properly heal – however, most men can go back to work and other daily activities within a few days of surgery.

· The Procedure

Considering advances in surgical technology – there are a number of different methods by which this procedure can be performed, as well as other procedures that might be used in conjunction with gynecomastia surgery. Generally, it will involve the actual removal of excess fat, or glandular breast tissue – while allowing your surgeon to sculpt and contour a manlier chest, that goes with your male physique.

· Scarring

Scars are simply a product of most any surgical procedure, especially those which are cosmetic and elective. For a woman who is getting a breast reduction procedure, incision scars are tucked beneath the breast fold, only visible if the breast were to be pulled up. For a man, there is no area to carefully hide these scars. For most gynecomastia cases, the surgeon will create an incision around the inferior border of the areola, extending slightly to each side. This is commonly referred to as a peri areolar incision. The important thing to understand is that with proper post-surgical care, you will be able to reduce the presence of visible scarring and heal from your procedure with the best overall results.

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