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4 Tips for Maintaining Your BBL Results

For many women in today’s world, when it comes to aesthetic enhancement, the topic of plastic surgery has never been more popular. More everyday women than ever before are not only considering having some form of enhancement surgery done, but they are actually following through with it! In years past they would often see the imagery of their favorite celebrities and influencers, and hear the whispers about them often having work done, but in today’s world its no longer just whispers and most women in the limelight are far more willing to simply admit to having surgery done. One of the most popular procedures in today’s enhancement world has got to be the Brazilian butt lift or BBL Brooklyn experts like Dr. Richard Swift, known to provide the best plastic surgery Brooklyn has to offer, has performed more BBLs recently than ever before. And much of this has to do with social media, and what many are affectionately calling BBL culture. From the fashion world, to music, entertainment, and much more, BBL culture has taken over the world of aesthetics and while it has influenced a number of women to get a BBL Brighton Beach patients and women across the country are also far more educated on the subject and all that it entails. And this education means that they understand vital aspects like the cost, risks, side effects that are possible and the cost in terms of recovery that may be involved. According to Dr. Swift, known for the best plastic surgery Brighton Beach has to offer, one area in which many don’t discuss as much as they should however, is how a patient needs to live after there surgery and how they can best maintain their results. All too often, many women will return to a poor, unhealthy lifestyle of not exercising and eating bad food, a few months after surgery and this can wreak havoc on their once breathtaking results. In this article, we will be going over a few of the most important aspects to helping women maintain their BBL results.

Focus on Your Recovery and Aftercare

One of the best ways to maintain your results is by paying close attention to your aftercare and overall recovery period. According to Dr. Swift, known for the best plastic surgery Brooklyn has to offer, recovery can be rough and the best way you can get through it is to take time off from work or school, have a friend of family member who’s willing to stay with you and help you through things, such as daily chores and your recovery. Also, its vital that you eat right, get enough rest, and drink fluids, also sleep is key, and listening to your doctor is vital. This will include wearing proper compression garments to help tighten he skin and improve healing, avoid smoking, vaping and drinking alcohol, and don’t take part in any exercise or strenuous activities for a while.

Minimize Pressure on Your Backside

When you have a BBL Brooklyn experts like Dr. Swift will preach that you absolutely need to tut your best to stay off your backslide! This is so important as it will be tender, and while our natural inclination can be to lay or sit on our backside, you should try to minimize the pressure you put on it and try to avoid as much pressure as possible for at least a week to ten days after surgery. According to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for BBL Brighton Beach has to offer, you want to avoid sitting on your buttocks directly for a minimum of three to up to six weeks following your procedure. During times when you must sit, such as when you’re a passenger in a car, you’ll have a cushion to use that will transfer the pressure off your buttocks and help you get the best results from your procedure. You might even want to find a BBL pillow, as we mentioned the market is full of BBL products these days.

Wear the Right Clothing

Clothing is a key to recovering and maintaining your post procedure figure! While it might not seem very serious at this point you will realize after your surgery how important it is. According to Dr. Swift, the best surgeon for BBL Brooklyn has to offer, compression garments are important – if your doctor gives you one or tells you to buy one you absolutely should listen. Make sure its never too tight but fits snug enough. Also you will want to wear nothing but loose fitting clothing especially during the healing process that could restrict blood flow such as tightly-fitting jeans. Instead, opt for a looser fit that will allow you to wear your shape-wear comfortably and won’t add additional restriction. Remember, this is only for a few weeks after your procedure, and after that, you can wear whatever makes you feel your best!

Go to Follow Ups!

Visit the doctor regularly for post procedure follow-up appointments. And in the event you feel like something is wrong be sure to contact them and see if you need an appointment. If you feel bad or something might seriously be wrong or you are experiencing any type of bleeding or emergency have a friend or you yourself call 911.

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