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4 Breast Lift Facts to Know Before Surgery

When it comes to aesthetic enhancement surgery, in recent years we have seen quite an increase in popularity amongst procedures such as the Brazilian butt lift, and breast augmentation surgery. And while these two are probably the two most popular, and most well-known surgical procedures around today, their popularity has done a lot to make other procedures more popular as well, and raise the profile of aesthetic enhancement surgery overall, across the country. Often, when women go into their plastic surgeon in order to have a breast augmentation consult, they may ask about other forms of bod contouring Greenwich surgeon Dr. Richard Swift, is often asked about how he might help a patient to improve the appearance of their breast, in terms of both adding size, while also improving the lift, and reducing unwanted sagging and other issues. When it comes to body contouring Greenwich patients should generally look towards lifting procedures that are able to reduce unwanted skin in the area, and help to tighten and tone. While breast augmentation does help a bit in this regard, when implants are added, in order to truly address the unwanted sagging of female breast tissue, Dr. Swift, the best breast lift specialist Greenwich has to offer, will generally recommend women undergo a breast lift procedure. And while this procedure is certainly popular in its own right, many female patients are relatively uneducated about it, and all that it can entail, and help benefit them with. In this article, we will be exploring the breast lift surgery and be going over a few of the most vital details and misconceptions patients seem to have about it.

· Breast Lift Versus Breast Augmentation

According to Dr. Richard Swift, considered to be the best breast lift specialist Greenwich has to offer, it’s important to understand the difference between these two breast procedures as the results are often confused for one another. A breast augmentation adds volume to the breast, and a breast lift elevates the entire breast so that it can be in a more youthful position. This means the nipples aren’t pointing toward the floor, they are pointing forward (back to where they started before having our kids, getting older, and gaining and losing weight).When it comes to body contouring Greenwich patients need to be aware that these procedures are often done following a procedure that adds size to an area. A breast lift can also be accompanied by an augmentation, meaning an implant can be placed at the same time as the breast is elevated. Many women opt for this to improve their breast shape and to regain fullness in the upper part of the breast.

· Immediate Size Increases

Quite often, following a breast lift procedure, women are a bit confused as their breast size will generally be much larger – especially immediately following surgery. There are a few reasons for this, the first and most obvious is the swelling that occurs following surgery. When the swelling goes down, as will the size of the breast tissue. For such body contouring Greenwich patients can generally always expect swelling, but it will generally subside fairly soon after. The next reason for the size change is the fact that the breast tissue will not be sagging as much as they previously may have been, and therefore, the breasts will look higher and be fuller overall – this may look like added size.

· Nipple Removal

In many online forums, we hear misconceptions in which women think that their nipples will be removed from their chest if they have a breast lift, and reapplied after. This is incredibly false, as in such a case the nipples would lose connection with a blood supply. They would no longer be reactive. They would not be able to breastfeed a baby. The truth is that the nipples are kept on what we call a pedicle – a blood supply with an artery and a vein to allow the nipple and areola to get blood and oxygen. So, the nipple and areola are moved upward with breast tissue and soft tissue surrounding it.

· Pain Issues

The fact is that many patients will often warn others to avoid having a breast lift done, as they believe the post procedure pain is just not worth it sometimes. This is not the case, and rarely do patients feel much pain at all following surgery. The fact is however, that according to Dr. Swift, the best breast lift specialist Greenwich has to offer, in the event that a patient has the combination of breast implants and breast lift done, they will likely feel a lot more pain, than if it was just the breast lift on its own. Plus depending on special circumstances some people’s surgery is worse than others.

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