Body Contouring in Manhattan NYC

Body Contouring in Manhattan NYC – Attain your dream body
Have you given up on losing weight after multiple attempts at workouts and weight loss diet programs? Did the supplements that promised to make you lose weight fail you? If yes, do not get demotivated. Your dream to get a toned, beautiful body is still achievable under the expertise of Richard W. Swift, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S., board-certified Manhattan plastic surgeon. He can help you achieve your goals with the technique of body contouring which involves removal of excessive cellulite and skin from different areas of the body to give it a better appearance. Under his expert hands, you can transform into the ideal version of yourself.

Body Contouring- An overview
Body contouring is an upcoming technique that uses different procedures to tighten skin that may have gone saggy due to obesity or extreme weight loss. It also helps with toning the body, reducing cellulite and getting rid of pregnancy fat. Procedures such as SmartLipo® liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lifts have been carefully crafted for the removal of unwanted fat from specificproblem areas of the body.

Benefits of Body Contouring
Body contouring enhances your appearance by giving you a toned, youthful body. According to surveys conducted with our valuable patients, we have discovered that body contouring has helped them achieve the following:

  • Slender, shapely calves
  • Firm, uplifted buttocks
  • Toned arms
  • Sleeker, shapely back
  • An overall boost in self-confidence
  • More active lifestyle
  • Body Contouring: Before and After Comparison
    To give you a fair idea, we urge you to check out our highly informative body contouring catalogue which shows the results of different patients who underwent varying procedure with Dr. Swift. The before/after pictures willshed some insight on what you can hope to achieve. Each body, however, is unique and therefore if you want to know about the outcome of any specific surgery that interests you, please book a consultation visit with Dr. Swift. You are guaranteed to get a personalized response.

    How Is Body Contouring Performed?
    Different procedures require different techniques. Generally speaking though, for fat removal, the fat is liquefied using laser heat and then drained away using a cannula (small tube).Similarly, excess skin may be removed from tummy, thigh or arm, for example,for reduction purpose. Fat transfer, on the other hand, requires the removed fat to be separated from the fluid and purified and is then injected in the chosen area to give it more volume.

    Body Contouring Procedures Available
    Dr. Swift is an expert plastic surgeon and performs a whole variety of body contouring procedures including:

    Click on the above procedures to know more about them

    Preparation required for Body Contouring
    You will be given the guidelines related to the pre-operative preparations during your consultation visit with Dr. Swift. The preparations vary from procedure to procedure and hence will depend on which one you opt for.

    Body Contouring Recovery
    After the procedure, some instructions have to be followed which would allow you to heal faster and reduce the risk of scarring. For example, in case of an arm lift, you will be required to wear compression garment to make the skin adapt to the new shape. Similarly, post the Brazilian Buttlift, you will be asked to not sit on your behind for more than two minutes at a time and that too always with a cushion. The things to take care of post-surgery will be communicated to you and anyone accompanying you in great detail in the consultation visit as well as after the surgery.

    Is Body Contouring the Right Choice for You?
    If you have been struggling with your body image or are bothered with the excess fat hanging on your arms and thighs, you can look into body contouring procedures such as liposuction and lifts in specific areas of the body. To get a more personalized evaluation of whether body contouring procedures are the answer to your needs, book an appointment with Dr. Swift. He can suggest the best course of action taking into account your requirements and the condition of your body.

    Cost of Body Contouring
    The cost will depend on the procedure chosen and the extent of surgery required. Very few insurance plans cover plastic surgery and cosmetology. You can pay using cash, check or credit card.You can also look into Prosper Healthcare Lending as a viable financing option.

    Why Choose Dr. Swift?
    Graduate of Yale and Brown University, board-certified plastic surgeon Richard W. Swift, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S. has achieved numerous accolades for his vast medical expertise. He is experienced in providing a variety of treatments and surgeries all aimed at enhancing your beauty. Dr. Swift provides personalized solutions to your requirements, guiding you to the course of action that would work best for you. He offers detailed consultation to all patients regarding surgical techniques and alternative treatments available. He believes in delivering top-notch results coupled with pre-and post-operative care. Dr. Swift’s mantra is to provide the best possible treatment for you that not only enhances your natural beauty but also gives you maximum comfort and satisfaction.

    What to Expect During Your Consultation
    Dr. Swift is a renowned cosmetic surgeon known for the time he takes in understanding each patient’s unique needs and suggesting the best possible solution. He is more than willing to address all concerns and doubts you may harbor about the procedure you are looking into till you are completely at ease.He will be upfront with you regarding your options based on the thorough examination he will do of the problem area. Rest assured, the results will leave you in awe!

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    Call us today on 212-577-9324at our Manhattan NYC office to book your body contouring consultation appointment with Dr. Swift. Get ready to be amazed!

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