Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery in Manhattan, NYC
Dr. Richard W. Swift, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S., board certified plastic surgeon and general surgeon, has expertise in performing plastic surgery procedures and caters to patients from Manhattan, New York City, and the general Tri-State area. Under his expert hand, you can achieve your dreams of appearing the way you have always wanted. Whether it revolves around losing excess fat or has to do with congenital issues, plastic surgery will take care of it.
What Is Plastic Surgery?
Plastic surgery uses latesttechnology and surgical procedures to enhance people’s body and face or get rid of any deformity or congenital disease. It is done both for medical reasons as well as cosmetic ones. It can be done on any part of the body. Usual procedure involves taking tissue or fat from one part of the body where it is not wanted and planting it in the area where it is needed.
Benefits of Plastic Surgery
Feedback from Dr.Swift’s patients suggests they have benefitted from plastic surgery in the following ways:

  • Boost in self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Lesser social consciousness owing to body image
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • Plastic Surgery Before and After
    To give you a fair idea, we urge you to check out our highly informative plastic surgery catalogue which shows the results of different patients who underwent varying procedure with Dr. Swift. The before/after pictures will shed some insight on what you can hope to achieve. Each body, however, is unique and therefore if you want to know about the outcome of any specific surgery that interests you, please book a consultation visit with Dr. Swift. You are guaranteed to get a personalized response.
    How Is Plastic Surgery Performed?
    There are different procedures and techniques used in plastic surgery such as augmentation, implantation, laser treatment and tissue transfer. The procedure chosen depends upon the need of the patient. Hence, to get details about your specific treatment, you will have to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Swift. You are welcome to ask all queries you have during this consultation.
    You can in the meantime get a general idea about the different treatment options by clicking on the links below:

    Body Contouring

    Breast Enhancement

    Facial Surgery

    Preparing for Plastic Surgery
    As preparation for your surgery, you will be asked to stop smoking and consuming cigarettes and anti-inflammatory drugs. If you take any herbal supplements, they will also have to be stopped as they may disturb the impact of anesthetics or pain relievers you may be given post-surgery. You will have to get some lab tests done to determine if your body is fit for surgery. If you are already on certain medication, Dr. Swift might adjust the dosage to ensure it doesn’t affect with surgery. All these instructions will be provided to you during your consult with Dr. Swift.
    Plastic Surgery Recovery
    The exact recovery guidelines will be based on the surgery or treatment you undergo. They will be communicated to you in detailduring the consultation sessions with Dr. Swift. Depending upon the severity of the procedure, you may be asked to apply creams, wear compression bandages or take antibiotics. Small tubes may also be inserted to drain out unwanted blood or fluid from the surgical site. You should take heed of all the instructions given to you by Dr. Swift to enable a speedy recovery with minimal scarring. You may also be called in for a follow up after a certain number of days.
    How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost?
    The cost will depend on the procedure chosen and the extent of surgery required. Very few insurance plans cover plastic surgery and cosmetology. You can pay using cash, check or credit card. You can also look into Prosper Healthcare Lending as a viable financing option.
    Is Plastic Surgery the Right Choice for You?
    If you have been struggling with your body image or are bothered with the excess fat hanging on your arms and thighs, you can look into plastic surgery and the related treatments. It is important that you are in good form and have no serious health risk related to heart or blood pressure. If you smoke, you should be willing to quit it in the weeks leading up to the surgery.
    Why Choose Dr. Swift?
    Graduate of Yale and Brown University, board-certified plastic surgeon Richard W. Swift, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S. has achieved numerous accolades for his vast medical expertise. He is experienced in providing a variety of treatments and surgeries all aimed at enhancing your beauty. Dr. Swift provides personalized solutions to your requirements, guiding you to the course of action that would work best for you. He offers detailed consultation to all patients regarding surgical techniques and alternative treatments available. He believes in delivering topnotch results coupled with pre- and post-operative care. Dr. Swift’s mantra is to provide the best possible treatment for you that not only enhances your natural beauty, but also gives you maximum comfort and satisfaction.
    What to Expect During Your Consultation
    Dr. Swift is known for the time he takes in understanding each patient’s unique needs and the suggesting the best possible solution. He is more than willing to address all concerns and doubts you may harbor about the procedure you are looking into till you are completely at ease. He will be upfront with you regarding your options based on the thorough examination he will do of the problem area. Rest assured, the results will leave you in awe!
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    Call us today on 212-577-9324at our Manhattan NYC office to book your body contouring consultation appointment with Dr. Swift. Get ready to be amazed!

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