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4 Important Factors About Liposuction Brooklyn Patients Should Consider

Aesthetic enhancement has reached some incredible highs of late, with more men and women than ever before considering some form of cosmetic treatment. Both surgical and nonsurgical, cosmetic procedures have gone to the point of becoming mainstream in today’s world. While in years past, men and women might have hid the fact that they would have had work done, nowadays, many patients are broadcasting their procedures across social media and other online platforms. This has done quite a bit to enhance the reputation of certain procedures, not only making them more popular, but also expanding the conversation about these methods. With such transparency, it has educated patients on the benefits as well as the side effects of procedures and even gone a long way to make treatments better and safer overall. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the best plastic surgeon Brooklyn has in practice, one of the best examples of this has been with liposuction. One of the more popular cosmetic medicine treatments, liposuction is especially popular amongst women looking to tone, trim and tighten their midsections and waist areas. Liposuction is a procedure that works by removing body fat deposits that are often highly resistant to diet and exercise, and helps patients to reshape and contour certain problem areas like the hips, legs, stomach, back, buttocks and even other areas like the face, neck, arms and more! Despite how popular it is though, and how much the conversation has expanded, there are a lot of patients who are fairly uneducated on liposuction. In this article, we will be going over some factors patients need to consider before deciding to have liposuction done.

Skin Elasticity and Health is Important
While liposuction has become very popular over the years, and allowed many patients to contour and shape their body’s most problematic areas, it isn’t ideal for every patient. As we will discuss later, weight plays a key role here, but one of the least discussed factors of liposuction is the overall health and elasticity of the skin. According to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for liposuction Brooklyn has in practice, patients who achieve the best results with liposuction are those that have the firmest, most elastic skin, that is healthy and still has solid collagen stores. This will ensure that the skin can bounce back well, and patients get the best results. Patients with more muscle tone and less fatty tissue overall also have higher success rates. There are options however, as patients can combine liposuction with other skin tightening treatments but it isn’t always ideal for everyone.

Weight and Health are Key Factors
Its important to understand that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure and will not help patients to lose a drastic amount of weight. In fact, according to Dr. Swift the top surgeon for lipo Brooklyn has in practice, many patients must often lose a certain amount of weight before they can safely undergo liposuction. The ideal candidates are those that are within 10-30% of their ideal weight range, any more and it may become unsafe and give poor results. In order to maintain solid, long lasting results its best to keep a healthy diet and exercise regimen before and after your procedure. In addition, the ideal candidate is a non-smoker, who is overall healthy and doesn’t suffer from any adverse health conditions that may negatively effect their ability to recover or withstand the rigors of surgery.

Side Effects, Risks, and More are Possible
Like with any other cosmetic enhancement surgery procedure, liposuction isn’t without its possible risks and side effects. This is why experts like Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for liposuction Brooklyn has in practice, will be strict with who they deem to be viable candidates for such a procedure. Generally, with an experienced surgeon, liposuction is a fairly safe and effective procedure, but patients should be aware that scarring, swelling, bruising and other side effects are very likely to occur. In addition, patients are likely to experience pain and discomfort during their recovery, especially during the early days.

Liposuction Alternatives
One of the interesting things about liposuction is that over the years technology has come a long way, and done a lot to expand the alternatives patients have. According to Dr. Swift the best plastic surgeon Brooklyn has in practice, lipo alternatives can include the use of lasers and ultrasound technology, in addition there are certain other body contouring options Dr. Swift offers that may be a better fit for certain patients. During your consult, he and his team will discuss these types of options.

For more information on liposuction and more be sure to contact Dr. Swift today.

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