As one of NYC’s premiere aesthetic surgeons, Dr. Swift offers a number of unique and innovative procedures geared specifically for women, and treatment of their most intimate areas. Similar to procedures like the labiaplasty, the monsplasty is an aesthetic enhancement procedure that can help women to enhance the appearance of their vaginal area, while also helping to reduce unwanted discomfort. The monsplasty is a procedure that not many surgeons offer, but offers a number of different benefits.

What is the Monsplasty?
The monsplasty, sometimes referred to as a pubic lift, is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the bulging of the mons. Many women struggle with the appearance of excess, bulging skin and fatty tissue in the mons pubis. The mons is the upper, hair-bearing part of the vulva. It is the mound of tissue that is in front of the pubic bones. This excess skin and fat tissue can often leave women feeling too embarrassed to wear their favorite outfits if they are very tight, or wear bathing suits to swim during the summer months.

During a monsplasty, Dr. Swift will surgically remove this excess skin and/or fatty tissue. Depending on the amount of excess tissue that needs to be removed, the procedure can be done fairly quickly and easily. For some patients, with a larger bulge in the mons, the procedure may take longer, and in some instances, patients may even require additional liposuction. But this is dependent on the patient, and their specific needs. Not only does the monsplasty improve the overall appearance of the mons area, but it can also improve function and reduce discomfort women might experience as a result of this excess tissue.

Why a Monsplasty Might be Right for You?
The monsplasty isn’t for everyone, but the procedure has helped many women who might be suffering from unwanted discomfort, or feel self conscious about the size and excess tissue along the mons area. Many women will develop excess fatty tissue and hanging skin along the mons as they age, go through pregnancy, or experience significant fluctuations in their weight – both up and down.

The skin contains collagen fibers that give the skin its elasticity, and soft supple feel. This elasticity allows our skin to bounce back from being stretched or pulled. If you gain weight, fat often builds in your mons pubis, and your skin over the area stretches out. Over time, this excess weight and tissue will cause the skin on your mons pubis to lose its elasticity and hang. This is an aesthetic issue, and can also cause unwanted pain or discomfort.

The Ideal Candidate for a Monsplasty:

  • Has excess skin or fatty tissue that hands from the mons pubis, over the genitals.
  • Has difficulty urinating or during intimacy, as a result of the excess tissue along the mons.
  • Are in good overall physical and mental health. Without any underlying conditions that may prevent them from a speedy recovery following surgery.
  • Is a nonsmoker.
  • Understands what is and what is not possible through surgical enhancement.

Before your procedure, Dr. Swift will perform a careful and thorough physical examination and go through a consultation with the patient where they will learn more about the procedure and determine the amount of excess tissue to remove. For more information on the monsplasty or other methods, be sure to contact Dr. Richard Swift today.

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