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Is Chin Implant Surgery Right for You?

When it comes to facial plastic surgery procedures, we have seen a lot of advancement over the years and with good reason! The fact is that the Face is one of the most delicate areas of the body, but it also happens to be the first thing people see and highly susceptible to aging and other unwanted issues. According to Dr. Swift the top surgeon for a chin implant Midtown NYC has in practice, it’s vital that patients do their utmost to understand the procedure before they choose to have it done, no matter what type of facial plastic surgery it might be. Considering how scary it might have been in decades past, over the years facial plastic surgery has become far less invasive and makes use of new techniques. One of the best examples of a procedure that has advanced quite a bit is chin augmentation with an implant. The chin is one of the most important areas of the face when it comes to contouring and your overall appearance. In this article we will be further exploring the chin augmentation procedure and identifying if it’s right for you or not.

Face Shape Matters

As we mentioned above the chin and jaw area are two of the most important areas when it comes to the shape of the face. This is true for both men and women, but especially for men as they are more so expected to have a strong jaw and chin line. Using the chin augmentation procedure patients can drastically enhance their facial contours, the prominence of their chin/jaw, while also enhancing their overall facial shape and contours. According to certain scientists, humans with more oval or almond shaped faces and facial features are considered more attractive. For those who have more rounded faces using a chin implant Midtown NYC experts like Dr. Swift can use a customized chin implant to not only make the chin and jawline more prominent but drastically improve the facial shape and symmetry.

What is a Chin Implant & Procedure?

One of the best things about a chin implant is that it can be made to fit any patient and their specific needs. According to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for a chin implant Midtown NYC has in practice, the implants are generally made from a safe, semi-pliable material and can be tailored to any specific size or shape the patient needs. For many patients who may have issues with symmetry, the chin implant can be made in a way that adjusts the facial balance and provides complete harmony with one’s own natural features! This can help patients to not only achieve the improved facial shape and contours but to bring out the patient’s features and ensure they remain in perfect harmony.

How to Decide if a Chin Implant is Right for You?

The fact is that with any form of cosmetic surgery it’s important that patients do their diligence to educate themselves on every aspect. The same goes for a chin enhancement procedure. During a preliminary consultation, the surgeon will take a thorough medical history, as well as assess the person’s mental and emotional attitudes toward the surgery. A positive attitude and realistic expectations are crucial to the success of the surgery. The wrong mindset with aesthetic enhancement can easily lead to issues with confidence and self esteem if patients aren’t careful. For those considering chin implant surgery or any form of cosmetic surgery, it’s important to be in good overall health to deal with the rigors of not only the procedure but the recovery. Patients who suffer from issues such as high blood pressure, a tendency to scar, smoking and any deficiency in blood clotting may not be the best candidates for such a procedure. It’s important to take the pre-procedure very seriously and make sure you choose the right surgeon for you. An experienced surgeon will go through the specifica of aesthetic enhancement for your surgeon and will make sure to take every step to ensure you’re a good candidate. This is important as it will help mitigate any unwanted risks or side effects for those who may suffer from certain health issues. It’s important to understand as well that depending on where your incisions are made, and this will vary from patient to patient and your surgeon, you may experience post-procedure scarring. But generally it is barely visible and in most cases Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for a chin implant Midtown NYC has in practice, will perform the procedure from within the patient’s mouth. This will help hide the scarring.


The best part of a chin implant procedure is that it isn’t fairly invasive and patients will be able to return to their daily activities quickly after surgery. Patients can return home the same day and while they may experience some pain, discomfort and other issues – it will likely disappear quickly and you can live your normal life soon after. Patients will see results immediately however there will likely be some swelling and as it goes down the results will become more complete and you will see the facial harmony we described above. For more information on aesthetic enhancement, be sure to contact Dr. Richard Swift today.

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