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Treating Facial Volume Loss with Dermal Fillers

There are some parts of life we simply must come to terms with and learn to accept, and one of the most important of such ideas has got to be aging. We all age, and the fact is that no one is impervious to time and the ticking of the clock. For much of our lives, aging gives us value – it brings things like intelligence, experience, wit, enhanced aesthetic features, physical growth and development. But as the clock continues to tick, there is a point of diminishing returns, and rather than improving both physically and mentally, aging with tend to degrade us in both mind and body. And its very important as humans that we accept this to merely be a fact of life, and do everything we can, to slow down this process as much as possible – well before it happens. While we can combat the mental degradation by reading more books, meditating, staying active, taking vitamins and more, when it comes to the physical aspects of aging it not only requires a series of important lifestyle changes, but often the use of specialized aesthetic enhancement procedures designed to fight off the signs of aging, and help to slow down the process as best we can. One of the worst, and most common issues associated with aging has got to be skincare concerns and more specifically, facial volume loss.

The youthful skin is often characterized by moist, well-hydrated, plump skin and facial tissue, that has a clear and present fullness and elasticity. These attributes come about as a result of certain naturally occurring skincare proteins and compounds such as collagen and elastin. The problem is that as we age, the body produces less and less collagen and elastin, leaving us with dry, dull, thin skin, that lacks that youthful fullness and has little elasticity remaining. This leads to unwanted wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, discolorations and much more. According to Dr. Richard Swift, considered to be the top fillers specialist NYC has to offer, one of the best ways in which individuals can combat such concerns has got to be through the use of injectable dermal fillers. As the Top Fillers Specialist Near Me, Dr. Swift has been able to help countless patients across NYC to combat wrinkles, blemishes and a whole lot more. Within this article, we will be exploring the details of how dermal fillers can help fight facial volume loss and more.

The Skincare Compounds You Need

In addition to the collagen and elastin reduction as we age, one of the most common issues with aging has got to be the loss in hyaluronic acid production with each passing year, according to Dr Swift, the top fillers specialist NYC has to offer. Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like substance that retains moisture and keeps your skin naturally hydrated and plumped up in all the right places. It’s also found as lubrication in your joints.As hyaluronic acid and collagen production decreases, and gravity plays a role in pulling everything downward, your cheeks may appear sunken, skin may sag around your jawline, and you see more noticeable nasolabial folds – the lines and wrinkles around your nose and mouth.

Dermal Fillers for Facial Volume Loss

As the premiere fillers specialist NYC has to offer, Dr. Richard Swift has offered patients the safest, and most effective injectable dermal filler procedures for over a decade now – helping patients deal with a wide variety of age related concerns. While wrinkles and fine lines are certainly the main issue that patients use dermal fillers for, according to the top fillers specialist near me, Dr. Swift, facial volume loss can be considered the root cause for all these age-related concerns. To combat these issues with the highest level of effectiveness, Dr. Swift recommends the use of dermal fillers that use a hyaluronic acid base, such as:

· Juvéderm

· Restylane

· Belotero Balance

In addition, Sculptra has been proven to be quite effective at treating facial volume loss concerns as well. Each of these injectables works in a slightly different way to restore volume to different areas of your face, from moderate to severe, by supplementing hyaluronic acid or stimulating collagen production.

Stimulate HA & Collagen Production

Juvéderm, Belotero Balance, and Restylane contain hyaluronic acid to help restore volume beneath the surface of the skin in your cheeks, lips, and around your nose and mouth. When your doctor injects these dermal fillers into the areas of your face that have begun to sink or shift downward, the hyaluronic acid instantly gives your skin the lift it once had when you were younger. When it comes to age-related volume loss, there’s no need for surgery, because these injectable gels plump up your skin so your face appears more youthful again. As volume is restored, lines and wrinkles also appear smoother and less noticeable. Depending on which areas of your face you treat, the results are long-lasting – these can sometimes last up to two years with each session. In addition, the use of these fillers as well as Sculptra can help to replace your collagen stores by stimulating its production slowly but surely over time. This also helps restore facial volume and smooth out lines and wrinkles around your nose, mouth, and chin. Sculptra may also help stimulate your body’s own collagen production to restore your skin’s inner support structure for long-lasting results. For more information about treating such issues be sure to contact us today.

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