Asian Buccal Fat Pad Removal NYC

How Can Buccal Fat Tissue Help Improve the Results of Facelift Surgery in Asian Patients

Among patients across the world, aesthetic enhancement surgery has seen a dramatic rise in popularity – with more men and women willing to go under the knife to improve their appearance than ever before! And while this increase is pretty steady across multiple demographics, races, and ethnicities, amongst individuals of Asian descent, both Asian-Americans and individuals living abroad, we have seen one of the largest increases. Much of this is due to the internet and social media being able to spread information about plastic surgery faster than ever. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the best plastic surgeon New York City has in practice, there are more informative resources online about plastic surgery than ever before, and it has allowed anyone across the world to learn about every procedure within a few Google searches! Plus as procedures like the facelift and Asian buccal fat removal surgery have advanced, they have not only become safer and more effective but also far more affordable! When it comes to individuals of Asian descent, they are known to have certain distinct features and while they tend to have a quality, durable skin type – they are also quite susceptible to age-related issues like wrinkles and fine lines. Plus, one of the main reasons why Asian of Chinese buccal fat removal surgery has become so popular is the fact that genetically Asians tend to have a larger buccal fat pad than those of any other race. In this article, according to Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon New York City has to offer, we will be going over how many surgeons are using this method of Asian or Korean buccal fat removal surgery to help patients achieve the best possible results from their facelift and facial rejuvenation surgery overall.

Asian Facelift Patients

As we mentioned, facial rejuvenation surgery procedures like facelift and Asian buccal fat removal surgery have become quite prevalent over the years. Asian patients generally suffer from certain common age-related issues, as they share commonalities in the properties of the skin. Commonly Asian patients are known to have relatively thicker skin, more subcutaneous fat, and squared bony contours. This can often make it difficult to get the desired results from a conventional facelift alone. According to Dr. Swift, the best surgeon for Asian buccal fat pad removal NYC has in practice, two main issues caused as a result of aging are responsible for the majority of symptoms – volume reduction of soft tissues and the loosening or sagging of deep structural components. Particularly in Asian patients, these two problems lead to reduced skin elasticity, reduced soft tissue volume, downward movement of the fat compartment, and loss of bony volume with age. And unfortunately for many Asian patients, who already have prominent buccal fat, as the skin and facial tissues become saggy, it can often make the buccal fat itself saggy. This is why Asian or Chinese buccal fat removal surgery has become so much more prevalent amongst patients.

For most Asian facelift patients, as mentioned, achieving the desired results are sometimes hard to come by – due to the nature of how the skin ages, and their distinct facial features. But because of the proximity of facial features, and the general interconnectivity of our facial structures, according to Dr. Swift, the best surgeon for Asian buccal fat pad removal NYC has to offer, patients have been able to achieve a ton of success from simply combining Asian or Chinese buccal fat removal surgery with their facelift. In addition to the use of buccal fat as a vertical graft, which we will discuss.

Buccal Fat Graft with Facelift

One of the most interesting innovations to come about for Asian facelift patients has been how Asian buccal fat removal surgery is implemented during their facelift. As we mentioned above, the two procedures are often done in conjunction with one another. however, another interesting way in which Korean buccal fat removal surgery is used is by first removing the unwanted buccal fat tissue and then using a sort of like a graft, as it is elevated and gives the skin overall the much-needed volume it might have lost with age. This gives patients the impression of fuller, more youthful facial features in areas where they commonly are lacking this with age, while also removing unwanted buccal fat. For more information on these procedures and more be sure to contact Dr. Swift today.

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