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Treat Gynecomastia with Aesthetic Enhancement Today

These days aesthetic enhancement surgery is a lot more popular, and something more women, and even men, are considering. In the past plastic surgery was something you would only see an older, well off person have done – however, as technology and techniques have advanced, and due to the spread of proper information across the internet and social media, more patients are having procedures done than ever before! This is especially the case when it comes to men, as there are now many procedures out there that are directly designed to target males, and masculine body and facial issues. One of the best examples of this is gynecomastia surgery – a technique that was developed to help treat the buildup of excess breast tissue in men, oftentimes as they get up there in age, and experience hormonal fluctuations. according to Dr. Richard Swift, the best gynecomastia surgeon NYC has in practice, this procedure is actually one of the most popular male enhancement techniques provided across the world, and targets an issue that many men have faced over the years. But is this procedure right for you?

Do You Have Gyno?

One of the main reasons why men will consider having gynecomastia surgery is because this area is often highly resistant to diet and exercise. According to Dr. Swift, the best gynecomastia specialist NJ has to offer, gynecomastia is an issue that occurs when the male breast tissue experiences swelling and becomes enlarged. Male patients suffering from gyno will also experience a significant amount of breast tenderness, in addition to changes in the color or even the positioning of their nipples. For most patients, gyno will typically occur in both breasts but it can also be worse on one side over the other – known as asymmetric gynecomastia. Patients suffering from gyno will often have a saggy appearance to their chest area, that drastically hampers their overall appearance and side profile.

Causes of Gyno

While many patients believe that gynecomastia is a product of weight gain, which can certainly be the case – the most common cause is actually hormonal! According to Dr. Swift, the best gynecomastia surgeon NYC has to offer, oftentimes, patients who develop gyno, get it throught the hormonal changes that occur during puberty. This is why many professional bodybuilders and steroid users develop gyno as well, due to the addition of outside hormones and excess testosterone being added to their blood. Other causes of gyno include genetics, estrogen production or low testosterone with aging, medical issues such as liver or kidney disease, use of certain drugs or excess alcohol consumption and use of certain prescription drugs.

Are You a Good Candidate?

The ideal candidate for gynecomastia surgery is a male who is unhappy with the appearance of their breast tissue and chest overall as a result of gyno. It’s pretty simple! However, according to Dr. Swift, the best gynecomastia specialist NJ has to offer, there are also certain factors that might affect your candidacy as well. As the best plastic surgeon NYC has in practice, Dr. Swift advises that it’s important to be a non-smoker, and avoid the use and overuse of drugs and alcohol, especially close to your procedure date. In addition, you shouldnt be suffering from any adverse health issues that might affect your ability to heal from surgery or not recover properly. It’s also important to be in a healthy weight range, and not have too much fatty tissue along the chest area. It’s best to consult with your surgeon first, and he or she will perform a careful and thorough physical examination to determine your candidacy. For more information on gyno surgery be sure to contact Dr. Richard Swift today.

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