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3 Things to Consider Before Your Facelift Procedure

When it comes to the world of aesthetic enhancement, its important to understand that procedures are divided into two distinct types or categories – non-surgical and surgical. During the early years of aesthetic enhancement, the fact is that the vast majority of procedures were surgical in nature, and require quite a bit of work, and could lead to a number of side effects and revision procedures may become necessary following the initial procedure itself. however, as time has gone by, not only have more procedures become non-surgical. But as such cosmetic technology h as improved, as have surgical methods, and a classic procedure like the facelift, is more effective, and leads to fewer and fewer side effects and risks than it ever has before. And as a result, more and more doctors are recommending their patients undergo facelifts. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the best plastic surgeon Greenwich has to offer, when it comes to getting a facelift Greenwich patients, regardless of age or gender, are having more procedures done than ever before. And as a facelift specialist Greenwich men and women have been consulting with Dr. Swift for the past few years now in his Manhattan office, and having spoken to so many patients and prospective patients, he realizes that far too many patients aren’t as educated on the subject as they should be, and should take more time to reason out why exactly they might be having such a procedure done in the first place. Therefore, in this article, we will be explaining a few important mental considerations patients need to make before their facelift.

· Your Motivation for a Facelift

The fact is that when it comes to dealing with plastic surgery patients, Dr. Swift, as the best plastic surgeon Greenwich has to offer, must often explain to patients that no matter how they look, they should always have a strong opinion of themselves, and have a high self-esteem. When it comes to getting a facelift Greenwich patients needs to understand that their love for themselves shouldn’t come from having surgery and with or without surgery, they are a valuable human being with a lot to offer the world. You don’t want to be thinking, ‘I must have this surgery because it will give me a new life, it has to be other way around — I’m already comfortable with who I am, but my body image isn’t right. I look old, angry, tired, and would feel more confident, feel better if I improved myself a bit. Just because you’ve had surgery it doesn’t make you a better person, and it doesn’t make you a lesser person for not having surgery.

· What Do You Expect from Surgery?

Its vital that you understand that just because you have some type of facial plastic surgery, it won’t turn the negative parts of your life, into positive ones. As a facelift specialist Greenwich surgeon Dr. Swift must always get patients to understand that plastic surgery won’t bring their ex-partner back after a divorce, it won’t make an employer rehire you, and you wont all of a sudden become an Instagram star. Your bone structure, cartilage, and skin play into the end result. According to Dr. Swift, the best surgeon for a facelift Greenwich has around, when surgeons say they can make your nose look better on your face. They mean that they can take what you have and fine-tune it — but they can’t change your nose to someone else’s, and completely fight against what you have naturally – and you shouldn’t want to make such a drastic change to your appearance.

· How is Your Emotional State?

During our lives we will go through ups and downs, good and bad periods and no matter what we are going through, there are ways to get through these times. Having plastic surgery however, is not a good way to deal with these things. Often, individuals who may have just gotten a divorce, just suffered a death in the family, or are depressed, may use cosmetic surgery to better their mood and feel they will love themselves more. the fact is that you must love yourself no matter what, and a facelift will not help you do that, just because your face is a bit more symmetrical.

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