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Financing is often an issue for patients. I have recently had the pleasure of dealing with some younger patients who were dealing with this issue. The procedures that they were interested in were not just to enhance their appearance, but rather to correct an aspect of their appearance to a point that they would feel “normal” by today’s standards. Having recently entered the work force, they felt a little hopeless when it came to the subject of financing surgery. However, having gone through this myself, I was able to provide various avenues for the patients to research. I had a breast augmentation just a few years out of college. I had just started my career and wanted it badly enough that I had to get a little creative with the financing part.

After doing thorough research, I opened two no-interest credit cards and financed the remainder through a personal loan from my bank. It took me years to pay off, but my self-confidence was worth every penny. I was able to suggest some different avenues to patients and they were thrilled when they came back in, fully prepared for their surgery, which would transform their self-confidence for a lifetime. I always say, if you want something badly enough, you will find a way to make it happen! And if you can’t find a way, maybe we can help!

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